What Matters Most

I was sick in bed last week with the stomach flu. Just a bagatelle, actually - and how surprisingly profoundly terrible one feels! - And in those seemingly worst moments of gnawing pain in head and limbs, what was it that gave me most relief, most bliss? The smile of my baby girl, and the caressing hand of my woman. Nothing else could come even close.

That made me think: How much time and energy do we invest in those “things” in our lives that matter most when it really counts – and how much do we invest in others that matter much less…?


…and that also made me remember that talk I had seen years ago, by a man who had come so close to dying that he suddenly understood – in a matter of seconds – what really mattered most to him in his life – and who since then has committed – every day anew – to live his live accordingly.


I invite you to watch this 5 minute video. But beware: it might change your life. To the better.



What are your priorities in life? And do you live your life accordingly?


If your answer is not a clear "yes", then the question is: What are you waiting for?