Was meine Klienten über mich sagen


I worked extensively with Marc during several months, when I faced important career and personal decisions. I was extremely satisfied with his work and the outcomes he help me achieve. 


Three qualities stand out from Marc, amongst many others that make him a fantastic coach: ability to listen, positivism, and energy. 


He is able to listen and help you structure and evolve your thinking to drive to the root cause of the challenges you face. He brings his positivism to the problem, which encourages the coachee to attempt new approaches to address those challenges. And he has a fantastic energy to continuously push and follow up the coachee to try and sustain change. All these rest on the most solid foundation of human qualities, generosity, and the deepest care for the individual.


I strongly recommend working with Marc to anyone who decides to make any kind of major change in his life.


Senior Business Executive, High-Tech Industry, Norway



I have come in for a trial session and ended up staying for an intensive course – so far it has been a great ride.


Marc’s every session offers bespoke elements, which steer in the direction of continuous self-discovery and towards self-growth. His coaching techniques encourage asking of important questions, and constant reevaluation of present and future, as well as guide one through the personal and professional soul searching.  


Marc’s distinct touch is his open-mined and positive personality. He has talent in understanding people through the wealth of his own life experiences, and is able to recognize one’s goals and what is holding one back.


With every meeting, Marc surprised me with new ways of bringing me closer to realizing what I value most in life. It is a pleasure to work with someone who is so passionate and professional as Marc. Thanks a million, Marc!



Hospital & Healthcare Professional, Switzerland



Marc war und ist für mich von Anfang an ein 100-prozent vertrauenswürdiger Mensch. Seine Art zuzuhören und seine absolute Aufmerksamkeit sowie Einfühlsamkeit haben mich zutiefst berührt. Das hat die Gesprächsstunden zu einer sehr schönen und effizienten Zusammenarbeit gestaltet.

Seine Unterstützung hat mir den Mut gegeben, mich selbst zu sein und mich aus einer vermeintlich gewinnbringenden, letztlich jedoch von unrealistischen Erwartungen getriebenen Geschäftspartnerschaft zu lösen; an mich und die vielen mir offenstehenden Möglichkeiten zu glauben. Nun kann ich endlich daran arbeiten, mein ganzes Potenzial auszuschöpfen und bin sehr zuversichtlich, glücklich und dankbar. 

Ich freue mich auf die zukünftige Zusammenarbeit. Vielen Dank, Marc! Ich wünsche mir, dass viele Menschen diese tolle Erfahrung machen können und kann Marc als Coach nur wärmstens empfehlen.


Unternehmerin, Zürich



Marc has been a fantastic catalyst for me to uncover and see the strength and abilities of my true self.   I am encouraged when I have those “Ah Ha” moments, realizing the information has been in there the whole time.  His gentle nature allows the security with being open and honest with myself to explore the barriers and fears that have held me back.   His firmness allows me to stay on track and focused.  Marc has helped me experience personal freedom to move forward in the direction I have always dreamed of. 


Jen Black

Designer and Entrepreneur, USA



I have been working intensively with Marc as my coach over several months during my challenging period of work-related new orientation. During our collaboration we touched upon my work-related and personal situation, dreams and potential career perspectives. With his ability to listen, understand and reflect Marc brought in new ideas and perspectives which let us shape different personal scenarios. Marc is enthusiastic, full of positive energy and dedicated to support his clients in their personal challenges. He brings in his entrepreneur spirit and is able to skillfully personalize his different coaching techniques to his coachee. 

My collaboration with Marc was very helpful in defining my next career steps and I can only recommend him to anyone who is looking for a passionate, supportive and fruitful collaboration.


Christian Schmid

Brand Manager, Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland



Coaching with Marc is just an amazing experience! He provides space filled with tremendous love, support and trust in You, while at the same time challenging you to take the learning and the growth even further in reaching your ultimate goals. 

Marc supported me in times of deep personal transformation which resonated in my professional life as well. Thanks to him I was able to reconnect with my true values, to reinforce my authentic coaching style and to gain clarity on how I want to further develop my own business, taking it to the next level.  

As a fellow colleague, Marc has always amazed me with his devotion to people, his commitment to growth, and with the immense care and responsibility with which he is living his purpose of serving others to grow and achieve. So if you are an entrepreneurial growth-seeking individual, who wants to get to the next level, give yourself the gift to be coached by Marc!


Gergana Pavlova

Leadership Coach and Facilitator, Founder and Director of Equinox Partners, Bulgaria



Marc is a talented, perceptive and huge hearted coach. He has a real power to see an individual on a deep level, and to hold that lit up vision of them true and solid, even when they falter. I had the privilege of training alongside Marc and being coached by him on a number of occasions. I can whole heartedly recommend him as a gifted individual who has great value to offer as a coach.


Emma Serlin

Founder and Director of The Speech Workshop, UK



Marc's rare gift as a coach is to be simultaneously both refreshing and warm. He carries with him a natural generosity of spirit that creates infinite space for his clients and colleagues to expand into. While holding open this space for us, his thoughtfulness and thoroughness challenge us to be completely in integrity with ourselves. His coaching awakens deep insights, awareness, and ultimately our performance and humanity.


Will Robinson

Executive Coach, Connecticut, USA



Möchten Sie von einer der oben zitierten Personen oder einem anderen meiner Klienten mehr über deren Coaching Erfahrung wissen, vermittle ich gern Ihre gengenseitigen Kontaktangaben. Senden Sie mir einfach eine kurze Notiz.

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