Coaching helps you close the gap between who you are now and who you want to become.

It’s a professional relationship with someone who accepts nothing but your best and who will guide, encourage, and challenge you to go beyond self-imposed limitations in order to realize your full potential – both professionally and personally. Think of a professional tennis player – just that your court is your life.


What Coaching can do for You

Your coach acts as a catalyst accelerating your growth process. The role of the coach is not that of a consultant or therapist; rather, he is an enabler who supports you with proven tools and techniques to reach the goals that you map out together with him.


In the first place, a coach is a master in listening; he asks you powerful questions and he gives you honest feedback. The coach helps you to develop new strategies in your life. Sometimes, the coach points out things you do not see, he helps you to explore new perspectives, and he gives you new ideas about how you can improve your day-to-day life.


A coach guides you, motivates you, encourages you, and sometimes challenges you to do much more than you think you could. He will help you (re-)claim your freedom of choice and find new ways to effectively deal with inhibiting and supportive influences in your life. And a coach keeps you focused so you can reach your bigger goals in a more efficient way.


Coaching will help you increase your:

Awareness – Knowing what is best for you

Confidence – Knowing that you can achieve it

Courage – Embracing who you are and reaching out for what you want

Communication – Getting across what you want and hearing them, too

Empathy – Understanding what moves those you love and work with


Whether you are looking for a particular change in your professional or private life, or simply want to get more out of your life, your coach will help you find the answers and the resources you need to take the decisions and actions that will bring about the desired change.


Read more about my background and my coaching style here.


Common Coaching topics

Topics and questions commonly dealt with in coaching include:


Career Development and Professional Change:

  • What does the “Empire” look like that I want to build?
  • Which direction do I want to go next? How do I get there?
  • What are my strengths? What are my most important areas of growth?
  • Which professional environment provides the most fertile ground for my personal development?


Work / Life Balance:

  • How can I reconcile the demands of job, family, friends, hobbies and time for myself?
  • How to set priorities, how to create more space? And how do I deal with the response from my environment?
  • How can I realize the lifestyle I yearn for?


Stress, Fears, and Barriers in Relationships to Partner, Family, Friends, or Colleagues:

  • What are potential root causes?
  • How do I deal with them / overcome them?
  • How do I want to show up in my relationships, and how do I want to be seen?
  • How can I communicate more effectively?


Personal Growth:

  • How can I increase my self-acceptance and self-confidence?
  • To which extent do my interpersonal relationships support or hinder my own development?
  • How can I become more courageous?
  • How can I access my full capacity for empathy?


Most times, clients come to Coaching with one or two key questions similar to the ones above. Yet, the exploration of these questions almost always lead to a deeper and more holistic exploration of Who am I, really? and Who do I want to become? Once the client reaches greater clarity around these fundamental questions, the next question will be And how do I get there?. Then, the coaching will focus on implementing the desired change and a reinforcing forward cycle of taking action and raising awareness kicks in.


Got curious? Contact me to find out whether coaching is exactly the right thing for you!


Or read more about my background and my coaching style here.



There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way.

 ---  Christopher Morley


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