Coaching with Marc

My Journey

As for so many of our generation, my upbringing and early adulthood were clearly set on the principles of “excel and succeed” – if possible at greater speed than anybody else. I was fortunate enough to grow up in an environment that provided the education and support that allowed me to live up to these expectations. I was put on a fast track through high-school, graduated from college with honors, and earned a top-ranked master’s degree in computer engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich.


Gearing myself up for a fast-track management career, I went on to work with a management consultancy firm for several years and then got an MBA with distinction from INSEAD in Singapore and Fontainebleau.


Yet, a severe health incident in my early twenties and a growing curiosity for philosophy, psychology, and spirituality, along with countless inspiring personal encounters I made throughout my extended travels and stays abroad, made accessible to me a new set of perspectives on life and on what really mattered to me. So I slowly began to shift focus and, after my MBA, founded an e-Health start-up in Barcelona with a vision to create positive social impact. It took me another three years, though, to figure out that the dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur was again not so much mine as that of the surrounding I lived and worked in.


This is where my personal quest for more meaning in life really kicked off (or rather: in), and I eventually found it in serving our society by helping others to bring out the best in them. I yearn to help our generation of privileged, gifted, and ambitious high-potentials discover their purpose in life, make full usage of the wealth of resources available to them, and thereby, ultimately, transform this world into a better, gentler, more joyful place.




I am a Certified Co-Active© Professional Coach (CPCC) by the renowned The Coaches Training Institute, and an authorisedTeam Coach by Team Coaching International.


From my office in Zurich, I coach growth-seeking individuals around the globe. As a managing partner of The Human Centric Leaders and an associate of TPC Leadership, I design and deliver leadership training and team development  for corporate clients. Read more about my work for organisations here.


I now live at the shores of Lake Zurich, together with my wonderful wife and our two adorable untamed children. In my free time, I draw great strength from being in raw nature, from practicing adventure sports and yoga, and from the joyful co-creation of great conversations and culinary delights. 


Your Coach

As a coach, I put great emphasis on trust, authenticity, and transparency – not only with respect to our way of being as humans in general, but also with regards to the coaching relationship that we will design together.


I genuinely believe in the sheer limitlessness of possibilities that emerge once we embrace our vulnerability, show our authentic self and become courageous enough to risk failure for the sake of internal growth.


Our Collaboration

Together we will design the details of your individual coaching process, based on your personal needs and preferences. To achieve truly transformative and sustainable change, I recommend working with weekly or bi-weekly sessions over a period of several months.


Coaching sessions are held face-to-face or via phone or Skype, in English or German, and are subject to strict confidentiality. As a member of the International Coach Federation ICF, I subscribe and adhere to their rigorous Code of Ethics.


A few words on Phone Coaching - Maybe this will surprise you!

In many aspects, coaching on the phone can have great advantages over face-to-face coaching. You might find yourself more focused on your topic, you might be less disturbed by distractions from outside, your introspection will go deeper; all of which makes the learning more effective.


Plus, you save travel time and expenses. From all over the world, wherever you are, you can easily reach your coach.



Got curious? Might I be the right coach for you?

Contact me so we can find out.



Whatever you think you can do or dream you can do, begin it!

Action has magic, grace and power in it. Begin it now!

  --- Goethe


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